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Sun Valley, Idaho May Be a Figure Skater’s Dream Come True

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By Jo Ann Schneider Farris Sun Valley, Idaho,  for many figure skaters, has been called a figure skater’s paradise.  Founded in 1936, the resort is called by some as an “American Shangri-La.”  “Sun Valley” got its name because it gets about 250 days of sunshine every year. For those who have never been there, Sun […]

Prevent injury and improve performance with sport specific analysis

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By Nicolette House Imagine having the ability to predict which injuries might befall certain athletes. If these injuries could be prevented think of all the time saved. Instead of sitting a season out in recovery mode, athletes could spend their days perfecting their skills. When it comes to dealing with injury, many athletes leave doctors’ […]

It takes a village… raise a successful athlete

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It Takes A Village… You’ve heard the quote,” It takes a village to raise a child”. Well, in my opinion it takes a village to create a winning athlete. So many of us watch sports or the Olympic Games and admire the winners and marvel at their greatness. It is a natural inclination to think, […]

Where do good performances come from? The mind, body, or both?

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By Nicolette House We know the cliche- sports are 99% mental and 1% physical. Athletes always see coaches point to their heads make references such as, It’s all up here, when a player makes an uncharacteristic mistake. As an athlete and professionally trained life coach, I’ve taken a close look at how true this  theory […]

Jason Brown Adds Triple Axel to his arsenal- Brown opens up about his goals and changes ahead

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By Nicolette House Just days before defending Junior Grand Prix Final Champion Jason Brown left for his second trip to the Junior Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Russia he accomplished a long time goal. Triple axel? “It’s landed”, said an excited Brown, “it just happened Wednesday.” Integrating a landed and clean triple axel into his […]

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