Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Makeup tips with Traci Fine

By Nicolette House

Traci Fine knows makeup. As a freelance make-up artist and owner of Fine Makeup Art, she has transformed her passion and love of the beauty industry into a booming business. She began her journey in the beauty industry as a model and was featured Elle Magazine, ads for L’Oreal Paris and Takashimya Tokyo. Fine does makeup application for television and print modalities, events, and weddings. Teaching proper makeup application is a passion of Fine’s. Fine Makeup Art offers makeup lessons for women and teens. Her work has been featured inPeople Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Today’s Chicago Woman, New City Magazine, and in the portfolios of Ford and Elite Models. With clients such as Olivia Newton John calling to have Fine apply their makeup her life is anything but dull. Throw in applying makeup to Bill Clinton for an Al Hunt interview on Bloomberg television, or helping out with a Bing Microsoft commercial and a day at the office sounds like an absolute blast. IceTalent caught up with Traci Fine as she talked figure skating, the benefits of learning good make-up application at an early age, and the products every skater should carry .

Tell us about your business, Fine Makeup Art.

TRACI FINE: I’m a freelance makeup artist. I do everything from tv to print advertising, to wedding and event makeup. My job is different everyday. It’s a surprise. Every job is a new crew, a new job.

What were your skating experiences growing up?

TRACI FINE: I started taking lessons when I was three, pretty much like everybody else does. Then I started competing and taking from Carlo Fassi. I spent my summers training at the Broadmoor with Carlo. I skated competitively for alittle over ten years.

How has skating influenced your career in the beauty industry?

TRACI FINE: It’s influenced my life in many ways. At a very early age I was very disciplined and a hard worker. I put in long hours. The work ethic has always helped me. Anything like skating or ballet helps in modeling because you are aware of your body and how it can move.

What’s a good age for girls to start learning how to apply makeup?

TRACI FINE: When they start getting into junior high or high school age girls will try to experiment with makeup. That’s a good thing.  A lot of the young teens don’t know how to apply makeup so the first thing  they reach for is black eyeliner. If I had a daughter, I would take her to someone good and get a makeup lesson. I would instill those (good) habits at a young age.

What’s one product every performer should have in their makeup kit?

TRACI FINE: I would get a good foundation and good powder. One product that I absolutely love, for bridal make-up or event make-up, is Model in a Bottle. It is a setting spray that keeps your make-up on. I would also recommend MAKE UP FOR EVER to people that compete or do stage make-up. Aqua eyes and Aqua lips are very long lasting and really nice make-up.

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