Friday, December 15, 2017

Past Events

July 2012 – “Maddie Takes the Ice” Presentation

Nicolette House, author of Maddie Takes the Ice, spoke to a group of young girls and skaters about her figure skating journey and her writing process for Maddie Takes the Ice. Nicolette kept the girls entertained through stories of her travels around the world, advice on how to eat healthy, and how to keep their heads in the game when the going gets tough. Nicolette enjoyed sharing the girls and their parents some of her skating costumes, boots, and medals. Immediately following the presentation, Nicolette signed copies of her book. Thank you to the Arlington Heights Memorial Library for all of their support.


March 12, 2011 – Military Time

“Military Time” performed at the West Meadows Ice Arena, brought together the talents of an Olympic champion,Ilia Kulik, Olympic Bronze Medalist,”Jumpin Joe” Sabovcik, World competitors,Nicolette House /Aidas Reklys, US  Medalists and champions of the future. A wonderful opportunity for communities to share their love of figure skating.

This event was well received by all participants and included surprises such as a performance by Suraya Kaiser, a cirque de soleil style performer.

Lighting by Performance Lighting Inc, Music by Alpine Group, Video by Memories Video and Photography by Mantas.

February 2011 – ” Winter Dance”

In it’s second year, “Winter Dance” presented by the Department of Cultural Affairs in Chicago offered extended hours, live DJ sets and short performances by IceTalent Inc and fun with Collaborations.

Opening weekend, with an 80’s theme, gave some of the cast members of “Military Time” a chance to begin interacting before rehearsals began.This is a fun event for the public skaters as well as an opportunity for professionals and local skaters to exhibit their talents.

After 4 weeks of the hottest dance parties, Nicolette, Aidas, Taylor Kulpa,Paul Wood,Osadolo Irowa, Maverick Equia  and Demetra Kay closed the season with Disco renditions.

Ice Champions Live

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Washington D.C.

Nicolette Amie House and Aidas Reklys  joined the cast of Ice Champions Live. This performance was produced by the Michael Weiss Foundation which continues to provide Olympic eligible U.S. skaters with financial support to assist in all facets of training and competition with an emphasis on continuing their education.

Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 5pm at the Kettler Capital IcePlex in Washington DC.

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February 2010 – “Winter Dance”

The Department of Cultural Affairs in Chicago sponsored a month long event in February 2010 entitled “Winter Dance”. This event provided extended skating hours at the McCormick Tribune Arena with theme nights and a DJ.

IceTalent Inc. was involved with the 50’s, 80’s, Broadway, and Love Songs theme nights.

It was a rare opportunity for Nicolette and Aidas to perform individually before coming together to entertain with one of their many unique routines.

These performances ran several times throughout the night.


January 2010 – “After Dark”

Nicolette Amie House and Aidas Reklys brought together skaters from around the world to skate with them at their first annual ice show.

This production, After Dark, took place at the Edge Ice Arena in Bensenville. Included in the cast was Jozef Sabovcik, Olympic Bronze Medalist, and Elena Leonova and Andrei Khvalko, World Professional Champions from Russia.

Nicolette and Aidas also used some local talent for their 75 minute show. It ran as a themed event, taking you from dusk to dawn.

The show provided solos by men, women, pairs and dancers. Group numbers were also performed by the guest stars and the Starlights were the synchronized skaters.



December 2009 – Wrigley Field

The Ricketts Family and the Chicago Bureau of Tourism proudly provided the city with another outdoor rink at the site of Wrigley Field.

IceTalent Inc. was asked to provide the skaters at a ceremony honoring the family and members of the Blackhawks and Cubs Sports teams.

Jason Brown, U.S. Junior Men’s Champion was one of Nicolette and Aidas’ guests.



November 2009 – Millennium Park

IceTalent Inc. along with Aidas Reklys and Nicolette House brought an array of talented skaters to Opening Day at Millennium Park in Chicago.

The 20 minute performance included the Chicagoland Ice Theatre, Chicago Jazz Synchro Team, Tomoki Hitawashi and Lucy Mann.

Aidas and Nicolette debuted their Smooth Criminal routine and introduced the very young up and coming kids, Daniel Turchin and Rachel Men.

It was a beautiful crisp fall day and the lunchtime crowd was highly appreciative.