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Pre Season Prep-Three

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Goal Setting: Goal setting is the powerful process of thinking about your ideal future successes and motivating yourself to work towards achieving that vision. Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish helps you to concentrate your efforts in the right direction. Once you know your goal it becomes easier to block out any distractions that […]

Pre Season Prep-Two

November 3, 2010 by  
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Coaching Changes Welcome to week 3 of pre-season prep! Now that you’ve decided what level you’re going to compete at next season and taken stock of where you are, it’s time to set up your support team. An invaluable part of this team is your coach- the CEO of your support team. He or she […]

Pre Season Prep- One

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Reviewing and determining what to do next. Before you plan for next season you need to reflect on how things worked for you last year. Take an honest look at yourself and your  environment. Did you meet your goals? Did you have goals? Did you skate your best? Were you able to say  “ I […]

Pre Season Prep – 10 steps to achieving your personal best

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Welcome to IceTalent Inc.’s new website and Pick My Brain and thank you for checking out our first official blog. The timing couldn’t be better. With Regional Championships just ending and many skaters beginning their preparation for the upcoming season, Ice Talent Inc is proud to present a ten week mini series covering all the […]

What is the difference between USFS and ISI?

October 11, 2010 by  
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What is the difference between USFS and ISI?   USFS ( United States Figure Skating ) and ISI ( Ice Skating Institute ) are the two main governing bodies of figure skating in the United States. Although there are similarities, their representations are quite different. US Figure Skating, founded in 1921 is the organization responsible […]

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