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The Joy of Coaching

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The Joy of Coaching

It is my good fortune to be in Sun Valley amongst the greatest athletes and coaches in the world. At any givenmoment, I can see a past Olympian, an elite athlete in training or a master coach not only in the sport of figure skating but in any sport that incorporates high altitude training into their program. It is always a pleasure to sit with other professionals who have experienced the same situations as you and who are facing the same frustrations that we all deal with. These conversations remind me that no matter what your talent is we are all part of a community that is unique to us.

As a skater, I have been a member of many organizations and as a coach,  the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) has been a source of encouragement and education. PSA has been in existence since 1938 and is “Dedicated to providing continuing education and accreditation to ice skating professionals in a safe and ethical environment”.

Recently, in honor of their 75th anniversary, PSA published a book titled The Joy of Coaching. It is a history of the organization and how the world of figure skating has evolved over the years. The book also includes documentation on the careers of top figure skating coaches, memories from prominent coaches acknowledging their master motivators and hundreds of emotional stories from coaches who shaped the lives of their students.

Thanks to a couple of my past protégés and the expert writing of Nicolette House, I too was featured in The Joy of Coaching. I truly cared for and respected the skaters I worked with and respected them as human beings as well as athletes. I love the opportunity to train and nurture young athletes. Totally unaware that the piece that was being written, I was unbelievably touched and rewarded by the words of my students.

“We had a very personal relationship and I try to take that with me when relating to my students. I treat my students the way she treated me-with care and commitment.” Kate Insolia, founder of The Urbana Dance Company.

“ She instilled confidence, a relentless work ethic, passion to compete, and desire to always give it your best everyday.” Tom Jasper, U.S. Marine Corp Attorney. “Frankly her training regiment was more challenging than anything I’ve experienced in the Marine Corp.”

In my opinion, it is very important that a coach realize the responsibility they have when working with a person. Please read one of my past articles on choosing the best coach for you.

Join me next month for part two of this article. Copies of the Joy of Coaching can be ordered through the PSA for $35

Coaching is truly a joy!


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