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Catching up with World Team Members Kim Navarro and Brent Bommentre

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IT: Tell us about your Stars on Ice experience.

Kim: It was a dream come true that we never even knew we had. We never thought Stars On Ice was in our future so to get the email about it was a huge shock and a huge honor.  It never lost its awe and its value. I think the best part about it was being on the ice with all those other skaters. They’re the best skaters in the world and I thought, wow we’re really going to get better just being around all these amazing skaters.

Brent: It was amazing  to just look around rehearsals and  you’re standing next to Kurt Browning and Dorothy Hamill and Ilia Kulik. They were so nice and welcoming.

IT: What other projects have you been involved with?

Brent: This year started off with Ice Theatre of New York. We worked on the Ice Theatre gala which was another incredible project. Ice Theatre really attracted amazing talent this year. They had Ryan Bradley help us out and the Kerrs where there as well. The pieces we performed this year were pretty amazing. We did a rink opening at a mall in Houston, Texas  and then we kicked off Stars.

IT: What is it like to be on the other side of competition as commentators?

Kim: It’s been really cool. At Nationals this year in Omaha, we did the SkateRadio commentary for PSA and Jimmy Santee. It was really fun to be there with Brent and  see competition through Brent’s eyes. This was the first time he was at Nationals since we stopped competing. What’s neat about it is you get a screen that shows you the levels as they are being called. It made it a much more engaging event to watch.  I’m now way more interested in the new system than when we competed. I have a newfound interest in the sport-happily.

IT: How is life as professional skaters different than when you were competing? Which do you like better?

Brent: It’s tough. There are pros and cons to both. The absence of rules in professional skating is amazing. It’s just fun to not have a barrier to the creativity of any kind of project. The one thing in competitive skating that we will probably not have again is having “the moment”.  That moment and only one moment was something that was hard to say goodbye to. With Holiday on Ice we do 400 shows and there’s no way you’re matching that same kind of emotional intensity as you will with skating that one performance.

Kim: What I really liked about competitive skating was the journey every season.  You work and your first competition you’re testing out the waters and by the time you get to the last competition you have hopefully created this moment. You’ve put everything into that particular thing. The journey through the season is a progression which was always satisfying. Regardless of what the results were you knew you had followed that and tried your best. What’s different about pro skating is that it’s so unpredictable. Once we were skating outside in the rain and John Legend was playing the piano or we did something on Glee.You roll with the punches.

IT: What is your biggest  takeaway from skating?

Kim: You never know where it’s going take you. As much as each moment seems so heavy, big and, important especially in competitive skating, there might even be something bigger out there. We have our ups and downs in skating but the downs are never as big as they really feel. Stars on Ice has been one of the top experiences in our skating career.The Stars on Ice producers and directors said they remembered us compete in Spokane and  they really liked us and were always in their minds to use.  That competition in Spokane was the competition where we just narrowly missed qualifying for the Olympics. In the moment we felt bad, but there were all these other things that were happening that we had no idea about until years later. Even the downs, you never know what good things can be going on to.

It: Where can we see you performing next?

Kim: Sun Valley!

Brent: We’re looking forward to Sun Valley. We’re working on the program Joel Dear gave us and then we are actually going to try to choreograph our second one ourselves. After that, it’s the Ice Theatre of New York Gala.

-Nicolette House

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