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Letter from the Editor- March 2013

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Dear Readers,

This month was filled with fascinating interviews with gym owners, coaches, and  skaters that all love what they do. While each journey was different, the message  remained the same. Find what you love to do, stick with it, and you’ll be surprised  where it will take you.

That message isn’t new, but it’s certainly one that many want to hear over and over  again. We love to hear stories of athletes, or anyone for that matter, overcome difficult  circumstances, battle back to regain a title, and know that those who love what they  do ultimately prosper. How often did we hear that Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas had thought of quitting before the Games, only to go on and win Olympic Gold?

As a mental skills coach, I have come to find that mental skills are more a way of being than they are any actual techniques or exercises. It’s about knowing who you are and where you are going. It’s about trusting yourself and finding the focus and drive you need to get you where you hope to go.

Athletes like Gabby Douglas, and those that were interviewed for this month’s issue share similar traits. Despite the uncertainty of the future, despite the ups and downs life and sports brought them, they were all able to perservere in their respected pursuits. The path wasn’t always clear, but their passion and focus took them places they could have only dreamed. Jim Inman opened Elite Athletic Development. Kim Navarro and Brent Bommentre joined the cast of Stars on Ice, and Phillip Mills travels the world choreographing beautiful program after beautiful program.

None of them could have imagined the opportunities they have had and the incredible places life has taken them. In the end, the journey towards accomplishment and following one’s dreams is never easy. When you trust yourself and stick with what you love the path to success becomes much wider.

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