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Q & A with Kiri Baga and Taylor Toth: Breaking into the Senior Pairs Ranks

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Kiri Baga and Taylor Toth may be new to the senior pairs circuit, but they’re no strangers to hard work and dedication. Before they have completed a full year of training together they will make their debut at the US National Championships in January in Omaha, Nebraska. Baga will compete in both the Senior singles and pairs divisions. Baga and Toth recently relocated to Chicago to train with Jeremy Allan. They chatted with us about what’s its like to form a new pair team, their future goals, and their learning experiences so far.

IceTalent: What attracted you both to pairs skating?

Taylor: Since I was little I wanted to do pairs. As a little boy it just seemed cooler to be doing the lifts and tricks. From the minute I started skating I wanted to start doing pairs but they made me wait until I was nine so I could be big enough to lift a girl.

Kiri: The girl’s role in pairs seemed very exciting to me from a young age. I did have a few pairs lessons when I was nine and ten years old but I didn’t commit to it until this year.

IceTalent: What prompted you to take the plunge and try pairs now?

Kiri: I think when Taylor contacted me I realized he was experienced and a very good skater. I think that finding a good partner was something that would make me really go for it.

Taylor: Except that she turned me down at first. I had to wait a whole year.

Kiri: The first time. I was skating singles. At the time I was injured so I waited and he called me again.

IceTalent: How did you decide to skate together this time around?

Taylor: So then the second time I asked, do you want to do pairs, we set up a tryout in Minneapolis.

Kiri: It wasn’t like oh we’re committed now, we had another tryout (after Minneapolis) and we took it from there.

IceTalent: What is it like being one of the only pair teams training in Chicago?

Taylor: When you’re with other pair teams there’s a camaraderie and it definitely helps. We got to go to Boston for a week to train. It was nice to be around other pairs teams.

Kiri: I think that during these last few months it’s been really important that we have a lot of time to sort of gel and have a lot of focus from out coach. That has been beneficial because he does have a lot of time for us.

IceTalent: Nationals are just a few weeks away. What do you hope to accomplish there?

Kiri: I want to be seen as part of that group of teams at Nationals that are seen as the senior pairs of the US. I want to belong to that group. I want us to put out good performances, but I’m not overly concerned with outcome beyond that.

Taylor: I want to have two good performances that we feel very proud of.

IceTalent: What is the key to a good partnership?

Kiri: Understanding is probably the most important thing because day in and day out you have to cope with a lot of issues and you can’t just deal with it yourself. There are other people (involved).

Taylor: I think when you find somebody that you really get along with that’s really good. You genuinely want the best for that person.

IceTalent: What are your long term goals?

Taylor: To put out two good performances at Nationals and then to get back to training and really be prepared for the summer competitions. Getting internationals would be the goal.

-Nicolette House

*Photo credits: Jacque Tiegs (given by the skaters)

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