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Catching up with Coach Kori: National and International Coach Kori Ade shares her coaching philosophy

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Kori Ade is making a name for herself. Not just in Chicago, but throughout the country as a top up and coming figure skating coach. With invitations to teach at the Lake Arrowhead training center in California and a move to the World Arena in Colorado Springs and Colorado College coming up in March, Ade’s coaching journey has only just begun an uphill swing. Just days before her long time student, Jason Brown headed to the Junior Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Russia, Kori sat down with IceTalent to talk about her coaching philosophy and what’s next on her agenda.

IceTalent: What do you believe is the role of a coach in a skater’s life?

Kori Ade: I look at myself as needing to be a chameleon to meet the needs of each skater.I’m really open to morphing to their needs and I think that’s probably one of my biggest assets. I figure out what they need when they need it. If I don’t feel I can do it best I will seek out somebody that can do it better. I think being a great head coach is being humble enough to know when you need help and being confident enough to guide the skater to their full potential.

IceTalent: What do skaters need both on and off the ice to be successful competitors?

Kori Ade: The first thing that everybody needs to understand is what the person’s potential is in terms of their dedication, even more importantly than what their athletic prowess would dictate. What you need you need an honest sense of how dedicated you are to being the full package. If you want to reach the level of success of being an elite skater then you’re entire lifestyle has to be about being an elite skater. It’s a complete lifestyle immersion towards success.

IceTalent: What has it been like to coach Jason since the beginning of his career?

Kori Ade: People ask me all the time, did you know that he was going to be so great? And I have to say no. I was in it for the moment and the moment has just gone on and on and on. The relationship we have is probably the most important part of his development and his success. I just feel very lucky that I was able to meet the Browns and that they believed in me.

IceTalent: Tell us about TAPS.

Kori Ade: TAPS stands for Total Athlete Performance Seminars. I leave the seminar open to whatever I feel my students need at the moment. We talk about where we are in our season and what we need, but a lot of it is mental. I can see that’s its changed the way my own students have been able to perceive success and failure. The generation I have now, who are sixteen and seventeen, started doing TAPS when they were seven or eight. So they’ve been doing sports psychology in that capacity for the entire time they’ve been competing.

IceTalent: You have an ACE certification and emphasize the importance of off ice training for your skaters. What do you feel are the benefits of off-ice training?

Kori Ade: Fewer injuries! I feel like having a full off-ice package available to them has really kept the injury rate down. I have seven or eight skaters doing triples consistently and very few injuries. We do a lot of barefoot training and I think that’s made a big difference.

IceTalent: What are your future career goals?

Kori Ade: I’m not really setting goals for myself anymore. because I realize that they don’t matter. The process is so much more important than the outcome. I have so much more satisfaction with what I do on the journey than I ever have with any of the success that my skaters have had. It’d be nice to be an Olympic coach someday. I’m pretty sure that when I’m at the Olympics I’m going to say, that was cool and I can’t wait to get back to the journey.

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