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Laugh Yourself Healthy Lights up the Laugh Factory

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By Nicolette House

Shea Vaughn’s Healthy Initiative Chicago took over the Laugh Factory for an evening filled with star studded song, comedy, and inspiration.

Vaughn recently launched Healthy Initiative Chicago and the Give Alittle Does Lot non-profit foundation in an effort to give back to the schools of Chicago. The Initiative hopes to promote healthy living to Chicago Public School students.

Through fundraising events such as the variety show held at the Laugh Factory on November 1st and the 90 Day Breakthrough Program, Vaughn hopes that Healthy Initiative will lead the way in the fight against America’s obesity epidemic.

“We’re taking forty participants and transforming their lives with the 90 Day Breakthrough program. We’re trying to help them to build better choices, better habits and make this program very sustainable for them,” says Vaughn.

Doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts have lent their helping hands and expertise to the cause. Chicago celebrities have joined the initiative as well. Laugh Yourself Healthy was the first of many Healthy Initiative events that local celebrities can support.

Notable names graced the Laugh Factory stage in order to help support the Give Alittle Does Alot Foundation. Vaughn and her crew crafted an entertaining variety show that had people tapping in time to the music and laughing at all the right moments.

WGN sportscaster and stand-up comic, Pat Tomasula, opened the show. Jennifer Weigel of the Chicago Tribune belted out tunes along with a guitar playing Steve Sanders, of the WGN midday newscast.

The most inspirational act of the evening came as Chris Errera, accomplished pianist and composer, took to the stage. Errera mesmerized the audience with melodic compositions from his new CD Enter the Twilight. Born a diastrophic dwarf, Errera has beaten the odds and gone on to have an illustrious musical career.

“It’s wonderful to see the expansion and the of range of motion he has to deliver the kind of music that he does. It’s really inspiring,” says Vaughn.

Skits parodying The Voice and stand-up comedy routines from the likes of Pat McGann peppered the show. Other Chicago celebrities willing to showcase their talents for a worthy cause included 24/7 Chicago Correspondent Jeff Conway, interventionist and regular on Nancy Grace, Lisa Lockwood, Chris Foltz of Christopher Foltz and Company, and radio host of Livin’ Large, Geoff Pinkus.

Laugh Yourself Healthy’s message was clear. Amidst all of the giggles and fun, the celebrities and those in attendance knew they were at the Laugh Factory for a sobering cause.

America’s obesity epidemic has serious health consequences. Foundations such as Vaughn’s are striving to turn the health of Americans around.

“There’s always hope out there and we have to believe in it. Don’t stop believing in the power of giving back,” notes Vaughn.

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