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Insights Into Maddie Takes the Ice

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By Nicolette House

IceTalent Inc took some time to catch up with “Jumpin’ Joe” Sabovick’s other  half, Jenn Sabovcik, on the outdoor terrace of the Sun Valley Lodge in Sun  Valley, Idaho. She dished on her latest insights into the figure skating novel, Maddie Takes the Ice, the story of a young skater trying to make her  mark in the sport.

What was your first impression of Maddie Takes the Ice?

JENN SABOVCIK: Once I picked it up I could not put it down. It reminded me so much of my skating life and I just fell back in love (with the sport). It brought back all those memories of myself skating. I could really relate to Maddie and some of the other characters in the book.

What was your favorite part of Maddie Takes the Ice?

JENN SABOVCIK: One of my favorite parts was how sincere Maddie was. I always tried to be a nice competitor, but there were also competitors out there that weren’t as nice, like Caitlin in your book. But Maddie always held her head up high. She got down sometimes but she worked through those issues. That was one of my favorite parts, as well as how Maddie and her mother communicated in the book.

Who do you feel would enjoy reading this book?

JENN SABOVCIK: I would recommend Maddie to any young girl out there who’s in the figure skating world as well as any parent that’s new to the sport. It’s a crazy sport and it gets a bit scary at times. I would hope they would go out and buy this book.

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