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Maddie Takes the Ice

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 Nicolette Amie House is launching the blog site, Maddie Takes the Ice. The site will cater to young girls ages 8-12. It will be a place for girls can learn about athletics, gain confidence and get tips from the characters in the book. It is also a great place for moms to come and learn about the sport their daughters are involved in.

Nicolette decided to start a blog because so many people were asking her to write a second book.  “ I am not able to write a sequel at this time, so I wanted to keep my readers connected to Maddie until the second book comes out” says House.

Nicolette has been giving talks at libraries and schools. The talks are geared toward a variety of audiences. She covers the areas of writing, competition, her travel experiences and health and nutrition in sports. Nicolette is happy to come to your educational institution or ice arena to sign books and give motivational talks.

Nicolette House is a 4 time US Gold Medalist and international ice dancer with her partner Aidas Reklys.  She is the author of Maddie Takes the Ice and a graduate of DePaul University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.

“I love writing and am looking forward to working on my own blog” says Nicolette.

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