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Pre Season Prep-Three

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Goal Setting:

Goal setting is the powerful process of thinking about your ideal future successes and motivating yourself to work towards achieving that vision. Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish helps you to concentrate your efforts in the right direction. Once you know your goal it becomes easier to block out any distractions that move you away from your desired outcome. For example, you might skip that party you were invited to the night before you had a really early practice and the ice to yourself. 

Up to this point in our series you hopefully have, reviewed your past season and decided on who will be your head coach. Now it is time to set some specific goals.

Properly set goals can be incredibly motivating. As you accomplish little tasks on the road to your ultimate goal, you will feel a sense of confidence and your belief in your abilities will grow. This allows you to attack your training with more determination and passion every day. By setting goals you can see progress in what might have seemed like a daily grind before.

“How much success do you want? Many athletes achieve some success without using formal goal setting, but virtually every great athlete who consistently wins uses some form of goal setting. Based on our experiences the USOC sports psychology program believes that using goal setting is as necessary as having a coach.” Sports Psychology Staff, OSOC 2008


Steps to Goal Setting:

Understand your commitment to the sport

Understand your skill level

Know the skills you have mastered and skills you are expected to master

How does the sport/sport’s expectations fit into who you are as a person?

There are many steps in the goal setting process, but let’s start with the “big picture”. What are your ultimate goals? Once you are clear on those you can break them down into smaller goals. What short term goals can you set that push you towards your long term goals? For example, you could try setting these goals for yourself- what can I accomplish this week during practice? What is my goal for the first competition of the season? How can I build a solid reputation for myself around the rink? When do I want to peak?

The US testing structure is ideal for short term goal setting. If you are moving up to the next level, you need plan to take your qualifying tests as soon as possible. Set up a test in advance and ask you coach to help you pace yourself for that first step.

Make a schedule for the next few months, show season and the summer. Now is the time to get new boots and blades if you need them. Music and costumes must be chosen. Start looking at the list of competitions and see which ones you might do. All of these topics will be discussed as we progress through our series.

Be specific on what you want to accomplish long term, short term and tomorrow.  The smallest goals achieved daily will put you on your road to success.

This may seem like a ton of information. Don’t panic! The season is still a ways away! Keep checking back with us as we help you through your boots and blades decisions, choosing competitions, and gearing up for the season!


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