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Pre Season Prep – Five

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MUSIC AND COSTUMES: Welcome back. We have come to one of my favorite parts of a skaters’ pre-season prep. Once your goals are established and a clear direction for training has been set its time to start hitting the ice to begin working on next season’s programs. To begin, each skater or coach needs to […]

Sunday, October 24, 2010 – Washington D.C.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010 – Washington D.C. Nicolette Amie House and Aidas Reklys will be joining the cast of Ice Champions Live. This performance is produced by the Michael Weiss Foundation which continues to provide Olympic eligible U.S. skaters with financial support to assist in all facets of training and competition with an emphasis on […]

Pre Season Prep-Four

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Skate Your Way Into the Holiday Season If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed the Christmas music playing on the radio, the malls being decorated for the holidays, and commercials advertising awesome Black Friday deals. And let’s face it- the holidays are right around the corner. Bet they snuck up on you, didn’t they? Thanksgiving […]

Pre Season Prep-Three

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Goal Setting: Goal setting is the powerful process of thinking about your ideal future successes and motivating yourself to work towards achieving that vision. Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish helps you to concentrate your efforts in the right direction. Once you know your goal it becomes easier to block out any distractions that […]

Pre Season Prep-Two

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Coaching Changes Welcome to week 3 of pre-season prep! Now that you’ve decided what level you’re going to compete at next season and taken stock of where you are, it’s time to set up your support team. An invaluable part of this team is your coach- the CEO of your support team. He or she […]