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House/Reklys skate for Michael Weiss Foundation

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The skaters performing in the sixth annual Ice Champions Live were met with resounding applause from a truly appreciative audience this past weekend at the Kettler Capital IcePlex Arena just outside Washington DC.

 1200 skating fans and supporters of the foundation came out to enjoy the show, which featured several big name skaters, including two Olympic Champions, Ilia Kulik and Brian Boitano, Kimmie Meissner, Ryan Bradley, and Jennifer Robinson. Michael Weiss opened the show with a short speech about the foundation. The Michael Weiss Foundation has been in existence for six years and was created by Michael, his wife, Lisa and his mother, Marjorie Weiss, a Collegiate Gymnastic Champion. Their goal is to help skaters around the country that are in need of financial assistance. The foundation assists with training expenses and also places an emphasis on skaters continuing their education. In the past six years the foundation has raised over $300,000 for deserving athletes. This December the foundation will be able to award an additional twenty-nine scholarships to Olympic eligible skaters. Most notably, Mirai Nagasu, a recipient of one of the foundation’s scholarships, placed fourth in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the foundation was happy to have helped her achieve her dream of competing in the Games.

Nicolette Amie House and Aidas Reklys, Lithuanian National Silver Ice Dance Medalists skated a themed piece that was very emotional. This American/Lithuanian team was happy to support this worthy cause.

Some local talent and a few scholarship recipients opened the show. Nathan Chen was especially crowd pleasing, showing lots of charisma and great jumps during his program. The remaining cast members turned out excellent performances as well. Dan Hollander was as entertaining as always performing “Dan’s Gold”. Sinead and John Kerr took a break from training to perform an original and fast paced dance number. The graceful Jennifer Robinson turned in a lovely performance to “Fields of Gold”. Ryan Bradley made the crowd chuckle as Willy Wonka and Brian Boitano skated to an emotional piece.The audience continued to show their appreciation for the skaters until the final bow. Such a great audience gave the cast extra energy to perform their best. Everyone donated their time and energy to a special cause that is helping change the lives of young skaters across the country.

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