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What is the difference between USFS and ISI?

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What is the difference between USFS and ISI?


USFS ( United States Figure Skating ) and ISI ( Ice Skating Institute ) are the two main governing bodies of figure skating in the United States. Although there are similarities, their representations are quite different.

US Figure Skating, founded in 1921 is the organization responsible conducting figure skating business in the United States. USFS skaters have the possibility to represent the US in world level figure skating competitions such as the World Figure Skating Championships and other ISU international competitions. USFS is recognized by the US Olympic Committee and may send skaters to the Olympic Games.

ISI, founded in 1959 is a trade association for ice rinks and is also the international governing body for recreational figure skating. Their goal is to promote figure skating as a recreational activity.

Both USFS and ISI have a structured testing system, competition opportunities and a possibility to enrich a skater’s life. Choosing your organization depends upon your level of commitment and your goals. USFS utilizes a competitive track that gives skaters the opportunity to qualify for national and international events, such as Nationals, Worlds, or the Olympics. ISI is the organization that provides competitive experiences at a recreational level.

Whatever path you take, figure skating allows a person to learn many important life skills such as time management, organization, discipline, social skills, commitment, determination, goal setting and respect.

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