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Regional Round-up

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                                            Regional Round-up

The regional championships  are  finally over. Whew! All of those months of preparation came down to just the few minutes the skater had to show the judges what he/she could do. If you think about it, that is really crazy and stressful. Even if the skater does well, progresses to Nationals or Junior Nationals, there is still a letdown process that needs to take place. The definition of let down is a decrease, decline or relaxation, as of effort or energy.

A skater coming home from regionals should probably take a week off. For those disappointed with their skate this is probably very easy to do. It doesn’t mean that the skater doesn’t love skating anymore. It just means that it’s time to relax, figure out what happened, reflect, and get caught up on their school work.

A skater coming off a good skate, but not qualifying may have a different feeling. They might want to rush back to the rink and work on everything they feel they need to improve for next year. However, once they get to the rink, it might be a different story. Whether a skater knows it or not, they had a lot of stress, pressure, and expectations riding on their skate at regionals.  That’s bound to make somebody tired and worn out. A skater may be mentally ready, but their body needs a break from the beating it takes training. That’s the beautiful thing about the mind and body. They work together to make sure that the whole person stays healthy. Believe me, if a skater needs a break, their body will let them know.

If you are or you have a skater that qualified for sectionals or Junior Nationals, congratulations! It’s probably not possible for these skaters to take a week off because the competitions come up so fast. Pace your skater the week after regionals. Spend some time working on choreography or perfecting spins. Doing  a double run through of a program is probably not a good idea because the body needs time to rest and recover from competition.

As a coach or parent it’s your job to explain to your skater the need to take the time to unwind after a big event like regionals. It’s better to take a little time off to evaluate the season and begin making a plan for the upcoming year. Remember- as long as your skater is moving forward and excited to get back to the rink you’re moving in the right direction.

Coming soon…planning for next season!

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