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The Fans

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Being an international figure skater brings you so many wonderful opportunities. One of them is the ability to travel the world. Nicolette and Aidas truly enjoyed their World Championships in Tokyo.

Figure skating has become such a staple in Japanese pop culture. The Japanese are among the best fans of the sport. They are a respectful and enthusiastic audience. When returning to the hotel after practice it was not unusual to have a group of people anxiously awaiting an autograph. They never miss a chance for a photo opportunity!

One the most memorable encounters was after one of the draws. This was only Nicolette and Aidas’ first season and there was a group of people surrounding them. They wanted their autograph and brought pictures they had taken of them at a previous competition. In just a few months the team had a following!

Aidas is a firm believer that without the fans, you are nothing. It is a pleasure to skate for them.

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