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Back to School for Figure Skaters

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It’s that time of year when you are trying to schedule your lessons, school, skating and all the off- ice activities that your skater needs. This is when the coach can sit with the school principal and the parents to help them understand what is involved in that student’s skating life.

Generally, the competitive figure skater is a good student. They tend to be goal oriented and excellent at time management. It is important for the school to understand that you are teaching your skater life skills that are extremely valuable. Discipline, time management, goal setting, commitment, presentation, interacting with co-workers, and in some cases travel experience are just a few of the lessons skaters learn beyond the jumps, spins and turns.

As you progress as a competitive figure skater, the need to miss school is unavoidable. The competitions can last a week and finding good practice time is always a challenge. The sessions available before and after school are very crowded and don’t offer a skater a great opportunity to practice their program on a clean piece of ice.

It is essential that you explain to the school that you are investing a lot of time and money to give these students a well rounded education and a chance to prove to themselves and other educational institutions that they are committed to their sport and whatever they are pursuing.

Work with your school on educating them. Give them ways to excuse your skater from certain classes, such as gym or lunch? We all understand the benefits of those classes but as athletes is their time better used getting in a workout on the ice in the middle of the day when only a few skaters are there?

Lastly, always assure the schools that assignments will be asked for in advance and you give them a guarantee that everything will be turned in as quickly as possible. Follow through and you will have a good working relationship with your school.


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