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Chicago Produced Ice Show Was A Hit!

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The Edge Ice Arena in Bensenville, IL. experienced something new on January 31,2010. This solely Chicago produced show, “After Dark” took its audience out for a night on the streets of Chicago, with audience members experiencing an emotional journey from dusk to dawn. The cast included many International Stars and the show’s creators , Lithuanian Ice Dance Silver Medalists, Aidas Reklys and Nicolette Amie House. Together with IceTalent Inc., they produced their first ice show and were pleased with the results.” The audience was really receptive” says Ms. House,” they were clapping from the start and they gave us a standing ovation at the end”.

Included in the cast was three time European Champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist, Jozef Sabovcik. Nick named “Jumpin Joe”, he wowed the crowd with his fully laid out back flip and tuck axel. World Professional Champions, Elena Leonova and Andrei Khvalko also pleased audiences with their romantic program, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, and other upbeat performances that included inverted lifts and the ever popular headbanger. The adagio team of Josiah Modes and Colleen Maquire rounded out the couples portion of the program.

Local talent presented itself as well to delight the audience. Regional competitor Sean Marshinski and National competitor, Osadolo Irowa both turned out solid performances. Tomoki Hiwatashi was a crowd pleaser, skating to Russian Folk Music. The pint sized talent whipped off jump after jump.

Greek skaters Maria Papas and Georgia Glastris looked beautiful. Georgia was very showy and appeared to be in her element in her “Fever” program. Senior Lady Alexa Scimeca also presented two lovely programs. She skated one program to the music played by the violinist, Kristina Kubelskiene. Former Disney Star, Lane Walker stunned the audience with her back flip and her extraordinary dance ability.

Nicolette Amie House and Aidas Reklys had their hands full with the production, music, choreography, group numbers and their own performances. However, they thoroughly enjoyed the work. They skated to the IL Divo version of the Hallelujah song, giving a performance that exemplified their strong connection. Then it was time for some fun with their rendition of Cell Block Tango. This couple is a rather unique team, both originally single skaters, they are able to incorporate single and dance moves into their eintertaining performances. You are never quite sure what to expect from Aidas and here he showed off his skills while “playing with fire”.

It is hard to have an ice show these days with out a performance by a synchronized skating team. “After Dark” was thrilled to have the Starlights Senior Team on their ice.

The show was filled with romance as well as some moments of suspense with their “gangster” portion. Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal was the production number which included the cast. Nicolette in the white suit, Aidas and the guys in mob attire and the girls dressed to kill, gave a performance reminiscent of the original video, machine gun and all.

The 75 minute show was a hit with the audience, leaving you wanting more. Aidas and Nicolette have already received phone calls asking for an encore performance! Will there be another show? Aidas replys, “We skate from the heart and for our fans. They are the most important. We will see”.


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